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Community Aid Development Foundation (CADEF) is a non- governmental, non-religious, non-profit making organization founded in 2008 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Abuja in 2010. CADEF is research and evidenced based information dissemination organization determined to bring positive behavioral change in public health including (sexual and reproductive health SRH) through specialized means. CADEF is also involved in Corporate Governance using right based approach, population studies, poverty eradication and economic empowerment. Our major target audience are the POOR, and vulnerable especially Women and Youths including most at risk persons helping them to achieve their full potentials

What we do

We empower the vulnerable in areas of Public Health, especially Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Gender, Inclusive Education; Child Rights and Protection thereby promoting sustainable development.

Our Target groups include;

  • Women of Reproductive age
  • Youths both in-school and out of school
  • Key Population especially Female Sex Workers (FSW) and people in close setting
  • Working with Uniform personnel
  • General Populations

We Research

We pride ourselves in our learning to impart prowess. We put extensive effort in finding the best, most efficient ways to tackle and solve perceived problems.

We Educate

We educate women and youth in self self protection and elevation. 

We Empower

We believe the most efficient means of poverty eradication is economic empowerment. We guide women and youth on best means and practices to economic independence best suited to their person.

We Counsel

Our personnel with years of experience are made accessible by all who have questions or simply need guidance in their endeavors.  



- HIV and AIDS Prevention Response

CADEF carries out prevention intervention response to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS among the Infected and people affected through Behavior Change Communication interventions, Capacity Building, Provision HIV Testing Services, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programming, Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilization, Skills acquisition and empowerment, Research, Surveillances, Home Based Care , Community Level Monitoring of HIV Services, Referrals services and linkages. Some of the program we have implemented Included but not limited to include; 

  • Community Home based care component of the Global Fund Round 5 Grant 2010 to 2015 through Civil Society on HIV and AIDS in Nigeria (CiSHAN)
  • Strengthening Integrated Delivery of HIV and AIDS Services (SIDHAS)
  • We have conducted researches and survey such as Focus Group discussion, Midterm review, End of circle review, Baseline survey, surveillances, Geographic mapping of MARPS among others.
  • Community Mobilizations and demand creation for HIV Testing Services with referrals.
  • Save One Million Soul through HIV Testing Services among Traditional Births attendants (TBAs) in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State
- Malaria Prevention and Control
  • Global Fund Community Outreaches on Malaria prevention and control: through Society for family Health (SFH) 2010 to 2015
  • Malaria Prevention through LLIN Campaign
  • Malaria Prevention through working with Role Model Care Givers in Ojo and Badagry Local Government Areas
  • Social Mobilization and community outreaches on malaria prevention and control
- Tuberculosis Community Response and Outreaches
  • Community Mobilizations and Active Case Search on Community Tuberculosis Care (CTBC) in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos Duration : 2010 to 2015
  • KNCV Foundation’s Challenge TB Sub-Grant.
    Funding Source: USAID/ KNCV / Excellence Community Education Welfare, Scheme (ECEWS)
    Duration: 2017 to 2020
    The Challenge TB Grant was a five year project support by USAID through KNCV in twelve States in Nigeria. It started in 2015 but CBO were sub-granted for community outreaches in 2017 through Excellence Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS) the program could not continue into 2020 due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and subsequent Lock down.
    Within this period, we conducted high level advocacies to more than forty communities’ heads and groups within Ojo and Amuwo Odofin and also working directly with the Medical officers of Health and Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Supervisors (TBLS) at the LGAs. Massive community outreaches which included Health awareness talk, TB screening, Sputum Collection and Transports, Diagnosis and treatment were conducted weekly across various communities in the LGAs.
- Cancer awareness campaign

The incidences of Cancer cases has increased tremendously in recent times and millions of people world over and several thousand have died in Nigeria in the last decade. Various type of Cancer ranging from Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Liver and other Cancer related sicknesses have continue to destroy human lives on a daily basis. Efforts by the Government of Nigerian to control Cancer through its various cancer programmes have not produced the expected result In fact record from the Ministry of Health indicate that the prevalence of Cancer is on the increase and the Global burden is also increasing with high mortality. Over 14.1millions new cases of Cancer are recorded annually according to WHO while 8.2 million dies yearly “Early cancer detection improves the chances of successful treatment which presupposes the availability of equipped facilities and health workforce. Yet without the right information on prevention and care, many patients are diagnosed late, reducing their chances of survival”.
. CADEF in the last Five years have conducted several awareness campaign among various women group for Breast and Cervical; Cancers and also for Prostate and Liver cancer among the men folks. Such as the 2015 CADEF/ JDPC Cancer Awareness Campaign among the Catholic Women Organization in St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Okokomaiko., also in 2015 CADEF in partnership with Outreach Hospital Satellite town, Lagos carried out awareness creation among Parishioners of Archangels Catholic Church in Satellite Town with Screening for Cervical Cancer, Prostate and also free Breast examination. Our recent collaboration was with Goldcrest Family Centre in Ketu Kosofe Local Government Area as part of their annual Health summit conducted massive Cancer awareness creation and screening for cervical and breast cancer with support from The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy in Mascara Primary Health Care Centre Ketu Mile 12.
Due to poor Funding from Government and partners, poor referral linkages and access to screening services especially among the poor and vulnerable the scourge of cancer especially new cases has continued unabated In the light of the above CADEF has made cancer awareness and sensitization its major program area and will continue to carry out massive Cancer campaign in schools, Communities and among many other vulnerable members of the communities

02. Gender Programming and Gender-based Violence and Harassment

Community Aid Development Foundation (CADEF) is a Gender Friendly Organization and we have a separate department solely for Gender Development response including Gender issues and training on Gender based Violence and Harassment, including mainstreaming Gender issues in all our programme implementations working with different target groups.
We have also carried out the following Gender awareness and mobilizations and conducted Gender training for many organization and institution such as:

  • Community Mobilization and Awareness on Gender Based Violence – Ojuoye Market Women Association (16 Days’ of Activism against GBV) – November, 2016
  • One Day Workshop on Capacity Building GBV for Girls/Women in Empire Community, Surulere. June 2017
  • On the Streets … “Anti Gender-Based Violence Campaign to Commercial Bus Drivers and Garages in Lagos. March 2018
  • No is NO! Engaging Men and Boys in Reducing Gender-Based Violence and Harassment. November, 2019

We have conducted Gender Training for many organizations such as: Maintaining Healthy Behaviour Initiatives, COSWI, YEDI, Pajeda Nig Lid, NIRA Group and very recently in April 2021 with Rubber Estate Nigeria limited where we conducted Five days training on addressing Gender-based Violence and harassment in the Plantation areas among heads of various department

03. Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Every citizen has a right of portable drinkable WATER, The community must be protected against water related diseases and all hands must be on deck to see that our environment is friendly, green, and healthy. Open Defecation Free (ODF) is commonplace especially in urban Slums CADEF has led several campaigns against ODF and paid several advocacies to leaders of various slums and markets on the health hazard of ODF and ways of ameliorating it.
We are one of the coordination Civil Society Organizations (CSO) on Network on Water and Sanitation (NEWSAN) in Lagos state.

04. Child protections, Migration and Human Trafficking

CADEF since its registration in 2010 has implemented several initiatives and intervention on Human Trafficking especially its Gender related effects. Some of the project we have implemented on Human Trafficking and child protection included the following:
1 SIDHAS Project : A key deliverables of the SIDHAS projects was the tracking of Gender-Based Violence among Female Sex workers and Rights Abuses among Orphaned and Vulnerable Children; Working with Female Sex Workers along Mile 2- Seme Border corridor
Exposes us to the pivotal role human Trafficking has on prostitution and Sex Slavery hence our pivotal role in various social actions such as the.
◦ Community Mobilization and Awareness on Gender Based Violence for Ojuoye Market Women Association (16 Days’ of Activism against GBV) – November, 2016
◦ One Day Capacity Building workshop on GBV for Girls/Women in Empire Community, Surulere. June 2017
◦ On the Streets … “Anti Gender-Based Violence Campaign to Commercial Bus Drivers and Garages in Lagos. March 2018
◦ No is NO! Engaging Men and Boys in Reducing Gender-Based Violence and Harassment. November, 2019

Currently we coordinate the Child Protection Network-in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos state – an initiative of UNICEF involving Civil Society Organizations (CSO) working on Human Trafficking, Child Rights Advocate and Protection in all State of Nigeria including of Lagos State.
Our Executive Director Mr. Evans Enwefah is the current Assistant Secretary General in the State Executive. We are working with British Council, International Organization on Migration (IOM) and Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Social Development (MYSD)
We are involve in Child rescuing Safeguarding Protection, Family Reintegration and referral services for medical and social services among others.

05. Partnership, Networks and Coalition

One of CADEF’s core values is collaboration and partnership. We partner with organizations, network coalition and Regulatory Agencies that share similar vision and objectives; best practices, update our knowledge and exchange emerging trends. Some of our partners that have been very supportive to our work included but not limited to; Society for Family Health (SFH), Humanity Family Foundation for Peace and Development, Health Alive Foundation, Association for Reproductive and Family Health, Achieving Health Initiative Nigeria, FHI360, AIDS Prevention Initiative of Nigeria, Lagos State AIDS Control Agency , WAPA ,NTBLCP, Excellence Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS) , KNCV Challenge TB , to mention just a few.
CADEF is a member of the following Network and Coalition: Stop TB Partnership, Geneva, People Health Movement, and Civil Society on HIV& AIDs in Nigeria, Civil Society for the Eradication of TB in Nigeria, ACOMIN, NEWSAN, African Civil Society for care and Support of Tuberculosis Patients in Nigeria (ACT! Nigeria), Global Coalition of TB Activist (GCTA), Child Protection Network (CPN) etc


CADEF has a Training faculty that consist of very experienced and well trained expert in many areas of the development work and we had conducted trainings for many organizations and groups. These include;

- Seme Border Information Unit of Abidjan Lagos Corridor Organization ( ALCO), 12th to 16th December 2016

Community Aid Development Foundation (CADEF) was engaged to by the Seme Border Information Unit of Abidjan- Lagos Corridor Organizations to conduct HIV Testing Services (HTS) Refresher training for HTS service providers within the Nigerian Context of the Abidjan- Lagos Corridor. This was designed to ensure that the quality of the services offered to Truckers, Sex Workers, Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) ,Young Girls and /Women , People who Inject drugs (PWID) and General Population within the Abidjan – Lagos Corridor are reliable, and to strengthen the capacities of the service providers of the implementing structures to better equip them for quality service delivery within the Abidjan -Lagos Corridor.
Twenty-Five (25) Participants from various service providers participated in the Five days training designed to provide with wide range of skills and strategies to effectively provide quality counseling and testing services with referrals to these target population. The training was led by Mr. Evans Enwefah the ED of CADEF along with his team of training faculty while Mrs. Newton Yomi a Medical Lab Scientist and An Assistant Director with Lagos State Primary Health Care Board handled the HIV testing and Algorithm. , Blood collection and finger prick and performing rapid test. The training runs from 12th to 16th December 2016.

- Youth Empowerment and Development Initiatives (YEDI), 5th to 16th September 2017

The goal of the training is to build the capacity of Program staff of Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) and other Participants by providing them with theoretical knowledge and technical skills used in the diagnosis of HIV infection, this is in order to facilitate scale -up and increase uptake of counseling and testing services without compromising quality of HIV test result. The training will also serve to provide counselor with basic elements required in learning to counsel clients effectively
The training session was focus on:
• Good laboratory Practice: This is to ensure strict adherence to universal safety precaution in the handling, processing of all samples and disposal of waste. It also covers proper record keeping adherence to written guidelines (SOP) and quality Assurance / Quality Control systems
• HIV RAPID TESTING to assist participants gain knowledge and skills required to perform HIV Rapid Testing according to National Algorithm
• HIV Counseling Skills needed to effectively counsel clients at every point of service
The training session was split between the laboratory and the classroom
The time in the laboratory was used to focus on Good laboratory Techniques in relation to blood collection techniques (Finger Prick) , and Rapid Testing.

Participants in a group photograph with representative of LSACA CEO. Cross section of participants during the training
- Training of trainers’ workshop on Addressing Gender-Based Violence and Harassment and formulation of policy in the Work place for RENL, 6th to 10th April 2021.

The training of trainer’s work shop addressing Gender- Based Violence and Harassment(GBVH) and formulation of Policy for Rubber Estate Nigeria Limited (RENL) was first of its kind by RENL to position itself in compliance to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) recommended good Practice note on addressing GBVH in the Workplace. It was of one of the expectation of the training that participants shall cascade the training to lower levels staff at various department, among Community Stakeholder, and with RENL Vendors to create the needed awareness and knowledge that will position the Company to assess, prevent, monitor and respond to issues of GBVH in RENL estate areas, The high point of the training was the self-assessment of GBVH risk within the company plantation areas and also the formulation of Policy that will drive the process of establishing a culture where GBVH issues are reported and handle at the highest level in the company .
At the end of the training Participants were able
• To get an understanding on the issues of Gender-Based violence and Harassment and undertake activities to combat and reduce GBVH at the workplace.
• The training has increased participants’ knowledge and understanding of the concept of gender, and gender-based violence, sexuality and rights
• Participants were equipped with information, skills and strategies to addressing Gender –Based Violence and Harassment within the Plantation area.
• Participants were able to do a self-assessment of GBVH risk within the work area leading to the development of a set of code of conducts for staff, Contractors / suppliers and people living within the plantation communities.
• The high point of the training was the formulation of a draft Gender-Based Violence and Harassment Policy which is expected to be worked on by the legal and human Resource department before final approval by management.

Group photo of participants: cross section of participants during the training

CADEF has conducted various levels of soft skills and organizational development training at institutional as well as in the communities too numerous to mention here , some of those organization and institution included the following : Pajeda Nigeria Ltd , Society for Family Health, Freedom Foundation, Good Health Empowerment Foundation, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos Health Services Department, AIDS Prevention Initiatives of Nigeria (APIN) ,Excellence Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS) etc.

What we have achieved

Even in our modest beginning, we are proud to have been able to make some impact in our society.

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